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Government of Canada

About the Public Service

The federal public service consists of all employees working for the Government of Canada in a variety of departments, agencies, crown corporations and other federal organizations for its day to day administration. Besides the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others, diversity, work-life balance, benefits, and professional development are some of the key reasons to join Canada’s Public Service. 

In the federal public service, jobs are organized into occupational groups with their corresponding levels. Below is a progression within the Financial Management (FI) community.

Student (SU)

Student Experience

A great way to gain experience in the public service is by working as a student. See what finance has to offer and how to get started by clicking the link below.
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Financial Management (FI) 

Level 1

As an entry level position, FI-01s contribute toward the achievement of the team’s objectives. They are expected to manage their time and work appropriately.
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Level 2

In addition to the expectations of FI-01s, FI-02s are expected to demonstrate influence over others to perform their work competently and effectively.
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Level 3

FI-03s typically supervise employees and contribute toward the achievement of goals and priorities of the greater directorate.
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Level 4

At this level, FI-04s are expected to be highly competent financial managers and supervisors. Excellent technical and behavioural skills are critical.
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Executive (EX)


Executives take on a strategic role and mobilize individuals to obtain objectives and goals.
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Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO)

The Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) supports the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides strategic advice on efficiency of expenditures and value-for-money, as well as anticipating and promoting future trends.
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