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Government of Canada

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides strategic advice on the efficiency of expenditures as well as anticipating and promoting future trends. They also act as:

  • An objective strategic advisor for business and financial management;
  • A key steward with respect to relevant legislation, regulations, policies, directives and standards related to financial management;
  • A senior departmental executive providing recommendations on all funding initiatives and resource allocations
  • A departmental executive lead for all aspects of financial management

Learning and Development

The public service offers several learning and development opportunities to support executives.


Competencies are measurable characteristics of an individual which underlie performance or behaviour at work. Executives are expected to demonstrate the Key Leadership Competencies to lead effectively. 

As a young professional, I decided to try the public service. Am I ever glad I did! It has been a lifelong journey of  learning. Our role in finance is at the heart of management decisions, we work as a team to improve the lives of Canadians.
Monia, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Chief Statistician of Corporate Strategy and Management, Statistics Canada
Picture of Monia
Finance is not just about spreadsheets and numbers. It’s about leadership, strategic thinking, having a vision and playing an integral role in delivering on the government’s mandate.
Darlene, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director General Financial Management Department of Finance Canada 
Picture of Darlene