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Government of Canada

Lead teams, act as strategic business advisors to senior management and contribute to the promotion and implementation of priority initiatives.

Learning and Development

The public service offers several learning and development opportunities to support executives.

Did you know? EXecuTALKsare short webcasts designed to provide fast knowledge-sharing and learning from the comfort of a desktop or mobile device. 


Competencies are measurable characteristics of an individual which underlie performance or behaviour at work. Executives are expected to demonstrate the Key Leadership Competencies to lead effectively. 

Onboarding Sessions

The OCG offers onboarding sessions for new finance professionals. These sessions provide networking opportunities and insightful information regarding:  

  • Roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Competency development
  • Career planning
  • Learning resources

If you are an employee of the public service, you can learn more here. If you are not yet a public servant and have questions about onboarding sessions, please contact Financial Management Community Development (FMCD) General Enquiries.