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Government of Canada

A message from the Comptroller General of Canada

On behalf of the Government of Canada’s financial community, I welcome you to our website. I encourage you to take the time to explore its various components and learn about dynamic careers in financial management, the development opportunities that we offer and how you can connect with the professionals that are the foundation of our community.

Whether you are a current finance professional within the federal public service or are interested in joining, please take advantage of what this platform has to offer. I am immensely proud of our finance professionals and the key role that they all play in supporting the stewardship of public funds. The fellowship and dedication are what make us a community; and community is one of our key strengths.

Roch Huppé, Comptroller General of Canada
Roch Huppé sits in front of a Canadian flag.


The Government of Canada provides a dynamic environment, where its finance professionals collaborate to enhance the lives of Canadian citizens. Come join a workforce that offers numerous opportunities, flexible work arrangements, competitive salaries, and lifelong learning. 

Careers in Finance
Careers in other comptrollership functions


Advance in your finance career with targeted public sector development programs and resources.

Development Programs
Development Resources 


Expand your network, acquire new knowledge and strengthen your skills. Attend upcoming events and meet your community.

Find What Interests You

Finance in the public service is more than just numbers, find what area interests you:

Accounting Operations

Responsible for departmental accounting, financial reporting, and financial control policies such as but not limited to those relating to accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Financial Policy

Documents standard business processes, outlines operational controls or directives to assist in the implementation of financial systems and procedures, and develop and modify departmental financial management procedures.

Planning and Resource Management

Provide guidance in planning, budgeting, costing and/or reporting to ensure the efficient and effective use of resources.

Financial Systems

Develop financial systems and processes, identifying the key information needed to deliver effective and efficient decision-making.